Self Love Seven

When I’m limited on time, I do my best to squeeze in at the bare minimum, my fave top 7 Self Love rituals on my personal day dedicated for myself, which I refer to as the “Self Love Seven” where I conduct in the privacy of my home or through a professional care service.

Why at Home?

Home is where I find my space of undisturbed peace and quiet because I am in control of my environment. In addition, in the past I couldn’t afford to always go out to get pampered professionally so I got creative, ordered some tools on amazon, and learned how to bring some of these same cost effective practices to the privacy of my own home especially if I plan and commit to caring for my self on a weekly basis.

I still believe it’s important to go out and pamper yourself by a professional, if you’re able to afford it and make the time because it’s definitely worth it. Therefore I found a balance by reserving professional care (ie. hair, nails, waxing/threading, massage, colonics, facial, body treatment, etc) to at least once every month or once every other month.

During this process, begin by creating a happy place and don’t forget to turn on your relaxation radio (I use Pandora), turn on the salt lamp, add your favorite essential oil(s) to your diffuser, and do your best to refrain from distractions. This is meant to be a peaceful experience and not a stressful one. Enjoy it!

Self Love Seven

1. [Mind + Soul] Self-Reflection: Unwind and Reflect on the previous week. Get grateful. Get your mind right. Start, finish or continue reading a good book. Try to spend some time outdoors if conditions permit it

2. [Body]: Full Detox Body Bath + Body Scrub Exfoliation Treatment

3. [Face]: Skin Care + Face Mask

4. [Locks]: Hair Care + Hair Mask

5. [Hygiene]: Oral Mouth Care with Activated Charcoal Paste for Whitening and Oil Pulling, Vaginal Care Health with the Yoni Steam, optional Hair removal/waxing

6. [Extremities]: Hands + Feet Care including Mani, Pedi, & Foot Mask

7. [Project Preparation]: Plan for the upcoming week. Clean, organize and simplify (Laundry, wash makeup brushes, meal Prep, clean & wash car, clean & empty out Purse, organize supplements, etc)

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